Jan 16, 2017

Munich, Germany


React Native 101

with Thorsten Blum

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In this full-day workshop, we’ll build a weather app using Facebook’s React Native framework. You’ll learn how to compose and style UI elements, how to download data from a public API, and how to incorporate this data into your native mobile app.


Thorsten Blum

This workshop is run by Thorsten Blum. After receiving his master’s degree in computer science from the University of Karlsruhe in 2009, Thorsten has been working as a freelance software developer and consultant. He started Coffee Table Coders in 2014 and strongly believes in life-long learning. Amongst other things, he’s currently trying to beat the stock market.


Basic knowledge of JavaScript is required. Please bring a modern Mac with Xcode and Node.js installed. You can also use Windows or Linux and test the app on Android, but we’re unable to provide any help setting up or troubleshooting your development environment if you run into problems. Thus we strongly recommend using a Mac.

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