Feb 6, 2015

Munich, Germany


Free Your Data With Clojure Liberator

with Philipp Meier

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Liberator is a Clojure library that allows you to build HTTP services using a declarative and functional approach. HTTP is a huge application protocol and to be a good, RESTful citizen, you need to support different status codes, consider content-negotiation, build a representation for the requested data, and think about mandatory headers. Liberator helps you by implementing a big decision flow graph; you only need to specify callback functions for the resource.

In this workshop, Philipp Meier will show you how to implement a web application using Liberator, typical implementation patterns, and common pitfalls. By learning about Liberator and the core ideas behind it, you’ll also gain a better and deeper understanding of REST, RESTful architectures, and HTTP, respectively.


Philipp Meier

This workshop is run by Philipp Meier. Philipp is a freelancer specializing in Clojure development. He is the main author of Liberator and lives with his wife and four kids in Neu-Ulm, Germany.


Basic knowledge of Clojure is required. Please bring your own computer running a Clojure development environment of your choice.

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