May 24, 2014

Karlsruhe, Germany


Integrating JavaScript Into Native Apps

with Thorsten Blum

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On OS X, the C-based API of the JavaScriptCore framework has been around for a while, but with iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Apple updated the framework and introduced a new public Objective-C API that allows you to leverage JavaScript in your native iOS and OS X apps. Best of all, there’s no need for a hidden UIWebView on iOS anymore if all you want is access to a full JavaScript runtime.

In this workshop, we’ll give an overview about the JavaScriptCore framework and its possibilities. We’ll teach you how to call JS functions, receive JS callbacks, and access JS variables from Objective-C. We’ll also show you how to call native methods and access native objects from JavaScript.


You should be familiar with the basics of Objective-C and JavaScript. Please bring a modern Mac with Xcode 5 installed.

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